Hi, I Am Michael Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg grew up in a small town in Kentucky. Like most kids growing up in a very rural environment, he had several dogs throughout his childhood, but he could never have imagined that later in his adult life, thousands of dogs and cats would love him back.

Michael took piano lessons as a child, beginning at age seven, and received a degree in Piano Performance from the University of Kentucky. He wanted to be a concert artist and play concerts all over the world. In 1974, he moved to Miami and received a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance from the University of Miami’s School of Music.

After graduating, he realized that becoming a concert artist was not something that happens so easily, so he created a business called “4 Children” that made personalized items. The first item was a collection of personalized, musical lullabies that incorporated the child’s name into the lyrics. Finally, his music degree paid off.

After selling 1.5 million of these lullabies, and all sorts of other personalized items, he started a company called Imagine Your Photos. He has been president for 28 years and presides over a company that puts photos and/or graphics on over 300 different items for retailers and customers all over the country.

Michael also discovered that, besides having a gift for music, he had a special gift for helping people in need. He became a Community Activist who fights for causes to help everyday people that are having issues. In a four-year-battle with the Water Department, he managed to convince County Commissioners to create new policies in 2012 that have helped thousands of people save millions of dollars over the years. In 2013, he helped Farm Share regain their state funding, which Governor Scott had taken away.

In 2013, he became President of the Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations, an activist group that advocates for the betterment of Kendall and its 500,000 people. In that position, he has addressed all sorts of issues on behalf of the Community.

His biggest challenge, and most personal effort, is called the Pets’ Trust. When he found out that Miami-Dade County had been killing 20,000 adoptable animals every year, for decades, he decided that it has to stop.



Political Animals

A Movie About Politicians and Animals. The Story of the Pets' Trust

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